Scorer Overview

  • Scorer is designed to make scoring of club sessions and Tournaments easy
  • The application is fully Windows compliant, and uses mouse-driven menus, selections and buttons
  • Scorer can be used to score single or multiple sections in pairs events
  • Scoring can be by section or across sections
  • Pairs events running over multiple sessions can be laddered as pairs ladder or Individual ladder
  • Scorer can score Swiss Pairs events
  • Scorer can score Teams events; Swiss, Round Robin or Multiple Teams
  • For Swiss teams, you can cut teams to a final and swiss on for the remainder
  • Scorer can score Individual events.
  • You can use standard Mitchell movements with either Skip or Relay, resting boards can be halfway boards OR top boards
  • You can use Standard Howell movements included, including printable guide cards.
  • You can enter Custom movements into Scorer which can be saved for general use
  • You can generate Howell movements if you know starting positions of players and board sets
  • Master Points for New Zealand are calculated and can be sent by email
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